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Do it yourself training course teaches how to troubleshoot machines and processes
and includes a real machine for hands-on practice.

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How does a MIMIC machine help in learning troubleshooting?

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About the creators of these courses . . .

The Systematic Troubleshooting course was created by the Learning Shop Inc. an industrial training company that was established in 1977. Originally developed by Bob Frye in 1986 for M & M Mars company, the course has been continually refined and expanded as a result of experience in presenting it to hundreds of maintenance people in many fields. Frye has also written three books with video tapes on training and has developed custom training for companies in many fields. He has developed workshops to extend the uses of Systematic Troubleshooting by writing workshops on circuit boards and microchips, robot applications and microcontroller based processes. All of these courses use the Mimic in hands-on activities. He has recently completed Instructor on a Disk that presents the course content on video.

The Mimic machine was designed by Carl Phillips of Phillips Automation in Pennsylvania. Carl is an engineer who has extensive experience in developing training robots and other devices to help people learn.

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