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Do it yourself training course teaches how to troubleshoot machines and processes
and includes a real machine for hands-on practice.

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About Systematic Troubleshooting . . .

A troubleshooting class in progress

Maintenance and production people at United Globe Nippon learn a systematic approach to problem-solving as they work in pairs in the Systematic Troubleshooting workshop. They also learn how to understand a new machine. If they are in different trades, partners learn from each other and how to work together. It is not an electronics course.

(If you are looking for a courses in troubleshooting electronics, robotics or microcontroller applications, we have three workshops in automation available that also use the MIMIC.) Click here for more information: STS Automation

Some machines or processes may be so new and high-tech that few service technicians or maintenance people understand them, while other machines are so old there are no manuals or prints.

Field service and maintenance staffs and budgets are down. Demands are up. There is pressure to adapt new methods, such as predictive maintenance and upgrading skills of production people. And, of course, the crunch for more production, higher quality and lower costs is always present. Sound familiar?

Building an enthusiastic field service or maintenance force to meet these challenges starts with people who know how to think logically in machine terms and how to gain understanding of their processes and machines.

This course teaches your people:
    a systematic troubleshooting method
    an ability to acquire, understand and file certain information about machines or processes that you need for troubleshooting

It also builds a structure that makes it easy for you to keep the development of your people going. Training on your own equipment, problem-solving sessions, communications and cross-trades activities fit naturally into the pattern this course establishes. It may also be used as a building block for certification of field service people.

The course recognizes that maintenance people and service technicians learn best by working with their hands. That's why a real (not a computer model) machine is included.

One of your own people, led by a fully scripted guide, teaches small groups. Your instructor can be a supervisor, a trainer or a lead worker. No experience as a trainer is needed.

This course and its MIMIC machine have been 15 years in development. The program has been field tested and refined in live training sessions with hundreds of field service and plant maintenance people.

On-site workshops are available.

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